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Posted on 05-08-2014

Dubbed the 'silent thief', Osteoporosis is a bone disease that can progress without symptoms until disaster strikes. With bone becoming porous, brittle and therefore more prone to fracture, Osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans, 80% of them women. The cost for treating Osteoporosis-related fractures in the U.S. is about $38 million per day. There is no singular "cause" of this disease, but the condition is linked to hormonal changes and/or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. And while there is no cure, there are significant prevention and management methods that can be very beneficial.

As a Chiropractic Doctor, treatment plans may include supplements and dietary suggestions - calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are key - plus regular weight-bearing exercise and a fall prevention program. Certain dietary habits can prevent the absorption of calcium into the bones, meaning even a quality supplement may be rendered virtually useless. Including the right fat into the diet can help keep bones strong. Omega 3s should be the focus.

Exercise including weight-bearing activity can help boost bone strength and mitigate the effects of Osteoporosis. Strong muscles and flexible joints also help patients maintain balance, preventing falls and thus, painful fractures. Every case of Osteoporosis is different, check with your doctor for a recommended exercise regimen to help. Stabilizing Orthotics can also help maintain balance and improve shock absorption and proprioception. Corrective eyeglasses, if needed, mobility aids, and a well-organized home are other factors to consider.

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